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The Concept Of DominoQQ – A Little Bit Of Dominoes And A Little Bit Of Poker!

There is a mystery behind the invention of the game called Domino poker. This game is one of the most popular games in history. The excitement level is at the extreme in it. This is exactly what the people need there.

Today, we have brought up some something exciting about poker as well as Dominoes. We are sure it will brush up your skills, and you will find yourself more experienced and sharp player. Let’s take a look:

Starting of the Game

First of all, the players have distributed five cards with face down. After receiving the dominoes, you can have a look at your cards. The side in which the game continues is from left to right. Each player on their turn may make a move like a check, call, fold, bet.

You can even raise the bet on your turn whenever you feel like. Here the highest rank player wins the round after all the players had made a move.

Ranking of the Hands

As we discussed earlier, the player with the highest rank gets to win the round. The question arises what the rules to judge which set of dominoes are higher as compared to others are. Below here is the rundown of the same. Let’s get into the heart of this:

  • Royal hand: In this case, you get the doubles of all the five tiles. This is one of the rare situations, but if you own this, you will be sitting at the strongest point.
  • Sixes: If you own six in one of the side of the tile and rest numerical is in sequence, the situation is called straight sixes. Here you have to be sure that the numerical of the other than six side is unbroken.
  • House full: If you own three double tiles as well as two other tiles that have common tile to the first the situation is called house full.
  • Four of a kind: If you get four doubles pair and any other numbers in rest two dominoes the sequence is called four of a kind. This is beatable by royal hand but is also one of the strongest sequences to bet on.
  • Fives: Like straight sixes, the sequence of straight fives also exists. In this also you have to own five at one end and continuous or unbroken numbers on the other tiles.
  • Flush: Where one tile is common to all irrespective of the other tile, the sequence is called flush.
  • Pair: Here you have to get one pair of two double tiles.

We hope with this above information you can clear the game rules and playing strategies. We would love to know your queries if any regarding this game. Hope you have a great experience playing Dominoqq online. Happy betting!

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